• Trading of copper cathodes from Dar Es Salaam to destination port.

We are experts in international trading services and development. We have more than 10 years exchanging quality products and services worldwide.

  • Quality assurance carried out by international companies such as Alex Stewart and SGS.

We ensure that an international quality certification company supervises every container before loading a ship.

  • Advise shipping companies, as needed or following buyer requirements.

Depending on buyer needs, we can suggest a shipping company, or follow up on a buyer’s request to use a specific shipping company. Our agents have experience working with most of the major shipping companies and following the strictest regulations.

  • Hosting of buyer for his personal supervision for the entire process in Dar es Salaam Port.

Our main goal is to provide an improved experience for commodity buyers of copper cathodes. We are committed to seeking the best way to enhance buyer time in Africa, ensuring all the processes from beginning to end, according to international trade law.

  • Top quality forwarding agents ensure a smooth shipping process.

We work with forwarding agents, who are registered with the Government of Tanzania and who know all of the Tanzanian and international laws.

  • Verify documents from suppliers with relevant authorities.

We verify every shipment to ensure that all documents and processes are correct in order to export cathodes out of Zambia and Congo, and as transit cargo in Tanzania being shipped out of Dar es Salaam.

  • Capacity to receive letter of credits and open respective performance bonds.

We have relationships with the best banks in Tanzania, which allows our company to use various kinds of financial instruments important for international trade, depending on your needs.

  • Legal professional advice in Tanzania.

We rely on the expert advice and counsel of a top law firm in Tanzania, specialized in international business.

  • Respond and attend to all needs and requirements of buyer.

We are responsive to all requirements and needs of partners to make the trading experience with Africa easy and smooth.


For inquiries or requests that require a more personal response, we will make every attempt to respond within 48 hours